Saturday, April 23, 2011


Wind against my back
flowing ever so free
a bee in the breeze

Friday, April 22, 2011

In the lonely wind

In the lonley wind 
the leaf blows away from me 
This is all I know


The time is near, we can not fear
This is not fake, the dead is awake
We must prepare, I know this is not fair
We either fight, or we can take flight
This is not clear, I need some root beer
I made a mistake,  I'm gonna be a steak 
We must care, for humans are now rare.
This is quite a plight, we cant let them bite


Time and time again, the pain is spreading.
I am an empty shell of my former self.
No clue on where to go.
Forever lost in the vast abyss called life.
The walls a going up, time to protect whatever is left of me. 

Time to face life head on.
With my defenses I shall prevail
Take it day by day.
Question everyones intentions.
Don't believe a soul.

Now I'm free

Hatred curses through my veins
All I see is red
I must break these chains
in order to get ahead

Nothing shall hold me back
I will be free
I can not pullback
This my dear friend will be deadly

Oh the wonderful bloodshed

You're on your knees begging for mercy
With a fully loaded gun against your head
This event in it self is a beauty
Oh the wonderful bloodshed

Your lifeless corpse on the floor
Entrails hanging overhead
All around me is gore
Oh the wonderful bloodshed

I am not the man I used to be
That man is dead
This anger has set me free
Oh the wonderful bloodshed

Never Relent

Never relent
Never repent
Never resent
Fight Fight
For what's right
Like a knight
There's no going back
So attack attack attack
On anything that's whack

Fucking Lies

With all your fucking lies
you form a worthless disguise
all around you is a void
with nothing but flies

No one can hear your cries
as another whore dies
I'm heartless like a droid
Now there's no more lies

The Fate of Humans

to live
to die
to give
to cry
to love
to hate
to shove
This is our fate

Filthy Fucking Whores

I seen some show where a guy killed a whore, and became inspired to write this

You're a filthy fucking whore
all you want is more more more
With all your god damn lies
you sleep with all the guys
Now your body is on the floor
surrounding by all that is gore
As the flesh falls from the thighs
I yell to the black thundering skies
I just killed another fucking whore

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WOOOOO I got one follower

Here is a little something that I just wrote with out thinking ahead of time.

Roses are red
Toasters are silver
Your gonna be dead
Few days ago, I had a hangover

Hello World

int main()
       cout << "Hello World" << endl;

      return 0;